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I will never understand women T shirt

I will never understand women T shirt

£3.99 On Sale!

"I will never understand women" Lucas Roberts famously said it in 'Days of Our Lives', which I actually thought was a made up tv show that Joey off of Friends starred in. That was the only word for word quote I could find on the whole internet.

Men have been trying to understand the inner workings of a woman's mind for thousands and thousands of years and we haven't exactly hit any breakthroughs yet for all our endeavours.

Two things that we have been able to work out is that shiny jewellery seems to work as currency for sex and when she says "nothing's wrong," it really means that everything's wrong, although this second point leaves us with no clear understanding of what we've actually done wrong and we seldom ever find out.

The rule to understanding women – is that there is no rule. Women are complex yet beautiful creatures, some will probably scorn you for buying this t shirt, some will love the irony and some will buy it for themselves and look better in it than you ever will.

* The T shirt itself is a really nice royal blue colour, great fitted style, high quality ring spun super-soft fabric. Very limited edition, only 50 have been made - GetMonet is committed to producing 'small batch' t shirts, so the chances of you turning up to a party in the same garms as the next man are slim, you get me?

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